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Waldorf Choir students and professors holding "Thank You" signFOREST CITY, IOWA, February 29, 2024 – The Waldorf University Music Department will receive new equipment for the Rehearsal Room thanks to a grant from the Hanson Family Foundation.

“I am grateful to the Hanson Family Foundation for their shared love for music,” said President Bob Alsop. “Music is a legacy program for us. We are proud to have the second-oldest choir in the country. Reworking the Rehearsal Room is the first of a few strategic investments we are making in the program. We want to ensure we have what we need to help students grow and learn as performers and in preparation for their professional lives as educators, performers and business people.”

The Hanson Family Foundation has awarded the Waldorf University Music Department a $20,000 grant to purchase new equipment for the Rehearsal Room. With this grant, the music department will purchase new items like chairs, podiums, music stands and storage carts.

“We are honored by the support offered from the Hanson Family Foundation and Waldorf University,” said Dr. Emilie Bertram. “Waldorf Music has an incredible legacy and we are proud to carry it forward, honoring the historic lineage while looking with excitement toward the future.”

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